Hello everyone! Amber here from @astronomer_amber, I'm getting my PhD in Astrophysics and today I am taking over @universetoday. Check out my account if you ...

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Hello everyone! Amber here from @astronomer_amber, I'm getting my PhD in Astrophysics and today I am taking over @universetoday. Check out my account if you want to see the daily anecdotes of an Astronomer! One thing you will notice on my profile are a lot of coding images, now why do we need so much programming in Astrophysics🚀? Visualizations and computer simulations 💻 like this one of the Bubble Nebula 🔮! The amazing interstellar colors in this simulation come from the high-energy ionizing 💥light from the massive O star⭐️, BD +60°2522. If you have seen the Bubble Nebula imaged by Hubble you can see that "the massive star 🌟continuously sheds some of its outer layers in a mass-loss wind, which has blown a bubble of gas seven light-years across! The computer model incorporates both scientific and artistic interpretation of the data. In particular, distances are significantly compressed!" Video credit: @nasa, @ESA, and F. Summers, G. Bacon, Z. Levay, and L. Frattare (Viz 3D Team, STScI) #nasa #jpl #astronaut #astronomy #astronomer #astrophoto #magic #astrophotography #astrophysics #geek #physics #bigbang #cosmos #universe #nebula #space #simulation #science #scientist #stem #galaxies #galaxy #stars #programming #esa #potd #beautiful #computer #nerd Want to be featured? Use the hashtag #universetoday or tag @universetoday and we'll check out your pictures.


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5:32 PM Jan 10, 2018 fcain

Thanks for doing the takeover today @astronomer_amber

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6:21 PM Jan 10, 2018 astronomer_amber

@fcain No problem! I'm having a lot of fun!

6:45 PM Jan 10, 2018 edstruble

Congrats on the Universe Today takeover! @astronomer_amber

6:50 PM Jan 10, 2018 astronomer_amber

@edstruble Thank you!

6:56 PM Jan 10, 2018 spaceman_from_the_future

Yay! Taking over the universe! And the bubble nebula is my favourite nebula. Congrats @astronomer_amber !!! ❤️✨

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8:13 PM Jan 10, 2018 mahdy_nabavy

What is the difference between astrophysics and theoretical physics?

8:37 PM Jan 10, 2018 httpschristine

Perfect 👌🏻💚😃

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This is so amazing!!!

10:03 PM Jan 10, 2018 photography_is_life_20

SHOULD have added some space ambient music 😁

1:13 AM Jan 11, 2018 cratesforgeeks

This is amazing

3:47 AM Jan 11, 2018 astronomer_amber

@photography_is_life_20 That's a great idea! 😂

3:48 AM Jan 11, 2018 astronomer_amber

@mahdy_nabavy Great question! Basically astrophysics can be observational, computational or theoretical. Physics can be theoretical or experimental.

6:34 AM Jan 11, 2018 photography_is_life_20

@astronomer_amber ofcourse , I listen to ambient genre soundtracks everyday , even when I sleep . Listen to interststellar , inception movie soundtracks they are pretty much interesting compared to the ones of Rihanna , Drake and Justin beiber

6:35 AM Jan 11, 2018 photography_is_life_20

@astrography__ yea , I rather subscribe to you

7:26 AM Jan 11, 2018 astrography__

@photography_is_life_20 thanks 👍

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12:13 PM Jan 12, 2018 neurosciencewithness

Amazing work! 👏

2:39 PM Jan 12, 2018 ryancarson

Love How you’re incorporating coding into your work!

9:50 AM Jan 13, 2018 muskyscience

@astronomer_amber Amazing visualisation, Amber! Much appreciated. :)

9:57 AM Jan 13, 2018 muskyscience

@astrography__ Lmao, its so sad to see that you try to put down others down to make yourself look good. I pity you, man. Only shows how insecure you are with your personality and your page. Such a shame. Stop hating on others.By the way, that's her personal page, not an (or her) astronomy page. So she can post whatever the hell she wants, who are you to pass a judgement on her profile? Stop being so judgemental and think like an actual 23 y/o smh.

10:12 AM Jan 13, 2018 astrography__

@muskyspace Go and Read post details again before commenting. I am free to do whatever I want . Mind your business.

10:31 AM Jan 13, 2018 muskyscience

@astrography__ There is nothing wrong withthe post details that give you the right to ridicule her. Funny that you arent minding your business and are hating on others by poking your nose into their business and youre telling me to mind my business, LOL. Shame on you.

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Thank you for the information!! I learned a lot

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Follow @astronomer_amber she's really great ! ❤️❤️

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So cool!!